Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that soon we will be offering a virtual seminary experience with partnering churches. Using technology, we bring our campus to your facility. Each partnering member provides the site, equipment and site director while JBTS provides a virtual classroom experience. Students may also come to the JBTS campus in lieu of going to the church classroom.  JBTS provides a special scholarship program which will keep the students cost to a minimum.  Scholarship recipients must be members of a partnering church and recommended by the church pastor or center administrator. This scholarship is only available for candidates seeking the Associate and Bachelor level degrees. To further assist those who may not be able to pay half of the tuition fee for which they are responsible at the beginning of each course, a personal payment schedule may be worked out with JBTS for the remaining tuition costs. Naturally, the full amount must be paid before the student receives credit for any course.

We invite churches to join us as we study to correctly handle the word of truth. For more information concerning how your church might become a partner, or if you are interested in participating as a student in this virtual program, contact us at 904-388-9590, email us at info@jbtsem.com or visit us at 5711 Wesconnett Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32244.