Now, more than ever, we live in a world that is plagued with crisis situations.  As we watch television, browse the internet for the latest news, or carry on casual conversations with friends and acquaintances, it is apparent that people are experiencing feelings of anxiety, conflict, depressions, fear, guilt, and helplessness in many ways.  As Christians engaged in ministry, the question which we must constantly answer is “How do we respond to the many crises situations that surround us day-to-day?”  So many times we wrestle with the proposition of becoming involved or distancing ourselves from the dilemma.  But as followers of Jesus, because of our care for others, it is incumbent upon us to consider a Christian view of human crisis, and to prepare ourselves to be as effective as we possibly can to minister to those who deal with the difficult circumstances of life.  This seminar will examine a biblical perspective and focus one should maintain in the midst of these situations, and present a seven-stage model of intervention which can be applied to individuals experiencing crisis.

This seminar may be taken for credit or audited for personal enrichment.  Monday June 15th 6:30 PM